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Mariah Carey misses Star Premiere

Mariah Carey, famous singer cancelled an appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of the animated movie The Star, due to a serious case of stomach flu, says her spokesman. The superstar, who had expressed earlier her excitement to be involved in the nativity themed movie, had to cancel, much to her great disappointment and her fans also.  To see more info on the film, click here.

Taylor Swift Strikes Lucky

Taylor Swift, the well known pop singer has recently released her new album, Reputation. It has sold 1 million copies in just 4 days! She has sold more albums in the US than any other artist in 2017. Also, Taylor Swift and Adele are the only artists to have sold 1 million copies in 7 daTaylor Swiftys since 2012.

The Last Post History

Remembrance Day which was four days ago, was sounded with a bang of a canon and in some places the last post and then a two minute silence followed by the reveille.

The history of the last post began in the 1790’s when it was written for the Army camps as a call to wake up, to eat, to go on parade, when to go to bed and other activities during the day it was never used for mourning. The last post was first used for mourning after the first days of the Zulu War in South Africa. Then after the First World War it was properly used every year for the mourning of the men and women who lost their lives.

The Last Post being played outside of Rochester Cathedral 1919.        (Top Photo)                                                   A Cornet player, playing the Last Post. (Bottom Photo)

Image result for the last post being played outside of rochester cathedral 1919Image result for the last post being played outside of rochester cathedral 1919

Upcoming Concert!

Hey People,

A piece me and my friends have just come across on is the Vaughan Williams Sancta Civitas. It is a very good piece with an orchestra of 50 and a main / chorus choir, semi-chorus choir, distant choir and trumpet, organ and soloists. Overall I think it is the best Vaughan Williams piece that I’ve heard. There is also another half to the concert. It is called the Armed Man and it is equally as good. This piece is by Karl Jenkins. You can get tickets to hear this concert at Rochester Cathedral here:

Image result for sancta civitas

Ed Sheeran out of action

Musical star Ed Sheeran  has cancelled 7 concerts in Asia after being knocked off his bike by a car. He has fractured his right wrist and left elbow. Other concerts in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand could be cancelled too.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday! It’s one of our member’s birthday! Did you know that the composer of the song, “happy birthday” were 2 sisters, Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill. Patty Hill was born on the 27th of March 1868 and Mildred was born on 27th of June 1859.

Patty Hill

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